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Design-Build Versus Remodeling: What It Means For Your Portland Home

Good construction does not necessarily mean great design – COOPER Design Builders has a proven system that ensures our clients get both. This is the difference between just remodeling and hiring a design-build team. This is what sets us apart and this is what we do best.

We are a collaborative company where our designers work hand-in-hand with our construction team. Attentive listening combined with creative thinking allows the COOPER team to discover a client’s wants and needs effectively in order to design an intelligent, thoughtful solution for a price you are willing to pay.

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We proactively communicate with you throughout the project, keeping you informed and in control. Our project management structure systematizes the design process to ensure that decisions are made efficiently allowing for the timely execution of construction. We hire the best Site Managers to run the construction and they are continuously overseen by our dedicated Production Manager in concert with our designers. We actively work as a team to build your vision into a reality for you to feel at home in and enjoy.

Our intelligent four-step process differentiates us from a traditional remodeling or construction firm by utilizing a client-centered approach that establishes best practices for communication, trust and value.


Initial Meeting

  • Understand your needs, wants, and dreams by walking through your home and attentively listening to your ideas, goals, and motivations
  • Assess feasibility and answer questions about your project as permitted
  • Thoroughly explain our design build process and its various benefits
  • Give a ‘broad brush stroke’ idea of construction costs

Sign Design Agreement

  • Design/re-design your house into a home you that fits your needs and desires
  • We guarantee you will love the design and it can be built
  • You own the design plans
  • Provide you with a no-obligation Construction Agreement
  • Produce a detailed estimate that can also be used for bank financing


During pre-construction, you can see it: your vision of your dreams on paper. Refining your project is the next exciting phase of bringing your design to life and truly creating a place that you will love to call home.

Sign Construction Agreement

  • Design/select materials for the project
  • Produce permit ready construction drawings with engineering
  • Produce interior drawings
  • Bring our subcontractors and suppliers through the project to prepare for construction
  • Refine budget based on the client’s selected materials and final construction details
  • Acquire building permits


During construction, we will meet with you weekly to visualize the design as it is being built and keep you informed of the building progress to ensure that your dream home is realized as imagined.

  • Construction kick-off meeting with our Site Manager to review house management issues such as security and surface protective measures
  • Pass out friendly flyers to alert neighbors we will be working in the area with our contact information
  • Install protective coverings to protect your home and minimize dust as if your home was our own
  • Supervise all the work to ensure the fit and finish of every detail throughout the construction process


Building lasting relationships is the foundation of what drives COOPER Design Builders. We promise and deliver not only high quality craftsmanship but continued communication and client care of the highest caliber. We honor our commitments, stand behind our work, and always make it right.

  • A one year home warranty covering the full scope of the work is extended to our clients at completion of construction
  • Warranty appointments are proactively scheduled at 30 days, 6 months and 1 year after a project’s finish

Rather than just remodeling your house, when you choose a design build firm, you are transforming, redesigning, and creating the home of your dreams.


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