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Exploring the Possibilities of Extra Space During Your Remodel

So you’ve just about decided to embark on a major remodel of your Portland, Oregon, home. Now is the time to explore ways you could use the extra space to add that special something that you’ve always wished you had in your home. Here are some possibilities.

Away from It All

Home Additions in Portland Oregon

An “away room” is a separate room, not far from your main living space, where you can shut yourself away from the activity and commotion of the household for some quiet time or private conversation.


Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation in Portland Oregon

If your remodel involves the kitchen and the surrounding area, this would be the perfect time to add storage for food and kitchen supplies. Weigh the pros and cons of walk-in pantries versus other ways to create pantry space.Download our eBook about the design & build process, and to get ideas for  designing the ideal kitchen.

Home Office

Home Office Addition in Portland Oregon

Whether it’s in the basement, attic, or bonus space elsewhere, a home office will serve your needs if you work from home or spend a lot of time on the computer and dealing with paperwork. This room could be outfitted with built-in shelves and storage.


Exercise and Weight Room

Home Gym Addition in Portland Oregon

These places usually show up in the basement, but they don’t have to be below ground. Some basics to include in your workout room include rubber flooring, good lighting, adequate ventilation, mirrors, shelves for equipment, and a wall-mounted TV. Make sure the ceiling is high enough for the machines you plan to use, and reinforce areas of the ceiling or walls if you’ll be attaching exercise devices.


Mini Pool

Pool Addition in Portland Oregon

While we’re thinking about exercise, if swimming is your way to work out, it’s possible to install an indoor swim spa, or mini pool, that lets you swim against a continuous current in a small space. These pools also can have a spa component at one end for relaxation and therapy. A sauna also can be built into your pool room or off the exercise room.



Inglenook Addition in Portland Oregon

Possibly the definition of coziness, an inglenook is the area around a fireplace where, in the old, old days, seating would be built to take advantage of the heat from the fire. Some designers are reviving that idea by creating a space with benches or room for chairs on both sides of the fireplace or woodstove, sometimes actually inside a partial enclosure.


Dog Shower

Dog Shower Addition in Portland Oregon

From the historical inglenook, we move to the ultra-trendy dog shower. Because man’s best friend has become his family member, more homes are including a raised shower/tub with a sprayer where Princess and Rex can be washed conveniently, and more often.


Home Office Addition in Portland Oregon

For some people, a separate room lined with bookcases, built in or not, is a dream come true. A fireplace adds ambience.


Game Room

Game Room Addition in Portland Oregon

If active entertainment is important to your gatherings of family and friends, then a game room will rank high on your list of items to work into your remodel. This space can hold a Foosball, pool, and/or ping-pong table. It should have space for comfy lounging furniture, and most likely a video gaming area with a large-screen TV and Wii console.


Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar in Portland Oregon

Depending on how serious a wine aficionado and collector you are, you might feel the need to have an entire wine cellar, rather than just a smaller cabinet that doesn’t provide the controlled temperature and humidity that a true wine cellar does.



Playroom Addition in Portland Oregon

A playroom for younger children gives you a place where children and their toys can be contained, without cluttering other living spaces. A playroom presents endless creative possibilities, such as hidden entryways behind hinged bookcases or through wardrobes, and imaginative décor and storage solutions. As the children grow up, the playroom can find new life as a library, office, or exercise room.


The ideas for uses of the extra space created by a remodel are endless: home theater, pet den, reading nook, gun room, guest suite, bar, master suite balcony, homework hideaway, safe room, accessory dwelling unit, and many, many more.

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