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How Much Does a Whole Home Remodel Cost in Portland? [Updated February 2019]

The prospect of a whole-home remodel can be exciting—even if many aspects are relatively unknown, including the cost. Below is a look at a few average prices of remodeling jobs that are typically included in a whole-house remodel. Keep in mind that the figures below are based on collective data for the Portland metro area. Actual figures may vary. As a next step toward understanding what such a makeover could cost for your home, contact local architects, builders, and design-build companies, such as COOPER Design Builders, which has a long history of creatively remodeling and expanding homes in the Portland, Oregon area.

 Every year, Remodeling magazine researches the prices of a variety of remodeling projects in cities, regions, and states across the country for its Cost vs. Value Report. The data is available at costvsvalue.com

The following list of projects assumes a major remodel of your home; less comprehensive remodels would, of course, cost less. Adding a bathroom with midrange fixtures, doing a major remodel of a kitchen with lower-priced appliances, adding a wood deck and a nicer front door, and installing vinyl replacement windows could be done for about $160,000.

However, a high-end remodel including a new upscale master suite, a new separate bathroom, a kitchen makeover, a flagstone patio with outdoor kitchen and pergola, a new entryway, and wood replacement windows could easily push $500,000.


Master Suite Addition, Midrange

A midrange master suite addition would build a 24-by-16-foot suite over a crawlspace and include a walk-in closet, freestanding soaker tub, 3-by-4-foot ceramic tile shower, double vanity with sold-surface countertop, carpet, lighting, and exhaust fan. The cost of such a project would average $134,286 in the Portland area.



Master Suite Addition, Upscale

A 32-by-20-foot upscale master suite addition would be considerably more luxurious and include such features as a sitting area adjacent to a large master bath, custom bookcases and built-in storage, high-end gas fireplace, walk-in closet with natural light, a 5-foot-long hospitality area, and French doors into the bathroom. The bathroom would have a walk-in shower with dual-shower system, stone walls and floor, frameless glass enclosure, freestanding tub, two sinks in separate vanities, one-piece toilet in separate partition, in-floor heating, and high-end lighting. The average cost: $277,953.


Bathroom Additions

If you didn’t go all the way with a master suite addition, you might choose to add just a bathroom. A new 6-by-8-foot bathroom with midrange fixtures would cost an average of $48,758. A 100-square-foot master bath added to an existing master bedroom would cost more. It would feature a 42-by-42-inch neo-angle shower with ceramic tile walls, recessed shower caddy, body-spray fixtures and frameless glass enclosure.

It also would include a freestanding tub, stone countertop with two sinks, a one-piece toilet in its own compartment and generally more high-end finishes. Average cost: $89,978.

Bathroom Remodel, Upscale

Remodeling and expanding an existing 35-square-foot bathroom to 100 square feet and using upscale fixtures and finishes would cost less than adding an entirely new luxury bathroom. The project would include a 42-by-42-inch neo-angle shower with ceramic tile walls, recessed shower caddy, body-spray fixtures, frameless glass enclosure. The bathroom also would have a soaker tub with high-end faucets, a stone countertop with two sinks, two mirrored medicine cabinets with lighting, a compartmentalized toilet area, custom cabinetry, and in-floor heating. Average cost: $66,391.

Retrofitting but not expanding a 35-square-foot bathroom with universal design features would cost an average of $34,073.


Major Kitchen Remodel

Moving on to the kitchen, Remodeling’s survey assumed a complete makeover of an outmoded 200-square-foot kitchen. The midrange remodel included semi-custom wood cabinets, a 3-by-5-foot island, laminate countertops, standard sink and faucets, energy-efficient major appliances, and resilient flooring. Average cost: $67,288.

The upscale version of the kitchen remodel would put in top-of-the-line custom white cabinets with built-in features, stone countertops, imported ceramic or glass-tile backsplash, built-in refrigerator, commercial-grade cooktop and hood, wall oven, built-in microwave, high-end undermount sink with designer faucets and water-filtration system, custom lighting, and tile or similar flooring that looks like wood. Average cost: $133,808.

Download the 2019 Portland Home Remodeling Cost Report [PDF]

Decks and Patios

Adding a 16-by-20-foot deck with a built-in bench and planter, stairs, and railing using composite decking would cost an average of $20,053. The same style deck made of pressure-treated wood would cost about $15,556.

A new 20-by-20-foot flagstone patio, with a sliding glass door to the house, a gas fire pit, deck chairs, stone-veneer modular kitchen with grill, fridge, sink and storage, cedar pergola, and low-voltage lights would average $57,433.


Grand Entrance

Giving your entryway a new look, with a new 12-36-12-inch fiberglass entrance door with dual sidelights, would cost an average of $9,127.


Window Replacement

The cost varies to replace 10 existing 3-by-5-foot double-hung windows with insulated, low-e windows and new exterior trim. Average price for vinyl windows: $17,060. Average price for wood windows: $20,686.

Cost to Remodel in Portland


© 2019 Hanley Wood Media Inc. Complete data from the Remodeling 2019 Cost vs. Value Report can be downloaded free at www.costvsvalue.com.

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