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18 Design Trends for 2018

Posted by Lane Cooper on Jul 23, 2018 9:15:00 AM

Keeping up with home fashion can be never-ending, and expensive, but if you’re planning a home remodel in 2018, you should be aware of the latest design trends. So here are some tips on what’s in, and what’s out, from the minds of top designers and the tastes of everyday Pinterest pinners.

A Japanese Import

Wabi-sabi, the Japanese aesthetic, finds beauty in imperfection, and it’s finding its way into American homes. Think handmade and hand-painted items, raw materials such as wood and stone, earthy tones, un-ironed linens, no fussiness.


Bring Back the Brass

Stainless-steel and brushed-nickel kitchen and bath fixtures will give way to good old brass or a mix of metals.

Kitchen Color

All-white kitchens are getting old. Expect to see colors on cabinets, walls, trim, and floors.


Stainless Steel Is Tarnishing

The long reign of stainless-steel and white sinks might be coming to an end. Look for sinks in copper, stone, and concrete.

A Concrete Trend

Concrete isn’t exactly new for kitchen counters, but look for the molded material to show up in patio tables, coffee tables, vases, and even lamps.



Jewel tones are back, again. The Pantone Color Institute named Ultra Violet the color of the year. On a softer scale, lavender is starting to replace millennial pink. And white will be used to balance those strong colors in a room.


Blooming Patterns

Floral prints on upholstery, always popular, seem to be coming back in a big, bold, contrasty way. Geometrics, especially circles, also will be big on the walls.


Rockin’ the Walls

Here’s a bold one: realistic-looking agate and geode-patterned wallpaper.


Porcelain Is Big

Subway tile still lends a nice look to kitchen or bathroom wall, but something much bigger is starting to make an impression. Slabs of porcelain, as large as 5 feet by 10 feet, are available for floors, walls, counter tops, backsplashes, and showers.


A Luxurious Bath

Spa-inspired bathrooms are a growth trend. Think luxury: a large shower with glass tile and marble and two or more shower heads and body sprays, a divine soaking tub, custom cabinetry, and radiant heat in the floor.

Unique Lighting

Creative and quirky light fixtures are a trend: artisan handmade pieces, vintage pendant lights, hand-blown glass shades, and the like.


The Love of Velvet

At least for the moment, velvet is in. It’s appearing on sofas, throw pillows, upholstered benches, and even bar stools.



Other design trends that you’ll see in 2018 include:

  • Gobs of green.
  • Wall art, but not so much word art (unless it’s in the form of vintage signs and other repurposed objects).
  • Statement ceilings.
  • Patterned plants.
  • Bucket or trough sinks.
  • Wainscoting and millwork on the walls, replacing the accent wall.

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