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5 Ways to Make Your Remodeling Project a Success

Posted by Lane Cooper on Feb 10, 2020 10:25:20 AM

Happy New Year! It's a new year and you might be considering a new remodeling or renovation project. If you are, you are probably planning, preparing and researching ways to make it more successful and tips to save money and get exactly what you want. If you want to be successful, (who doesn't) start with these five simple tips.

Build Some Flexibility into Your Budget

Prices for materials change regularly. If you're looking at a project that takes months to complete, there's a possibility that something may end up costing more than your design-builder anticipates. This is why you want to start with a detailed estimate that includes everything you need. But even the most detail-oriented contractors get caught unprepared for a shortage at times. If you can't make room to pay more, sometimes it means you'll need to wait longer or choose something else. Being flexible allows you to prioritize what you need the most so that the project concludes to your satisfaction.

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Be Open to Suggestions

If you've been planning or saving for this remodeling project for years, your ideas may be very important to you. As a professional design and remodeling team, we have years of experience determining what works based on your ideas. We'd love to give you everything you ask for, but sometimes there's a better way. At other times, a plan isn't realistic. It's your home, so you should get to decide how it looks or flows. But if you can remain open to suggestions from skilled professionals, you may discover ways of looking at the space that takes your dream to the next level.

 Prioritize Solutions

Most of our clients know what they want and can be reasonable about how they want the project to finish. If there are compromises to make, it's best to focus your energy on the most significant problems you're trying to solve. No remodeling project goes precisely according to plan, especially from the initial brainstorming sessions. Every time you're tempted to scrap it and start again, remind yourself about the issues that made you consider the project in the first place. Keeping problems at the forefront will help you to ensure that every decision you make gets you closer to the solution.

Ask Questions

When you hire an expert company like Cooper Design Builders for your remodeling project, you're deciding to put your project in the hands of a master. It's easy to feel overwhelmed with the design plans and detailed estimates with terms that may not immediately make sense to you. Because you're the homeowner (and the one paying the bills), it's crucial that you understand everything that is going to happen. Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions throughout the process. This helps to ensure that you remain on the same page as the professionals putting your ideas into place.

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Stay in Contact Throughout the Project

Once you've given your approval for the final decision, it's tempting to take a big step back and let the pros take care of all the work. And while this can be good in part (for your safety, mostly), it's also vital that you stay updated about each stage of the project. If there are delays due to weather or a backlog in supplies, you need to know so you can adjust your schedule accordingly. Make it a point to talk briefly at the beginning or end of each day of work. Checking in gives you an excellent opportunity to ask questions and see how everything is coming together.

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