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How Much Does a Home Addition Cost in Portland? [Updated Feb 2020]

Posted by Lane Cooper on Feb 10, 2020 11:39:11 AM

Feeling crowded in your small home? Dying to do something with that unfinished portion of your basement? A home addition may be right for you. Since this is often a much larger project than a simple remodel, you’ll want to start with a range of costs. Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report gives annual estimates on what you can expect to pay for projects like this in the Portland area. Although the numbers you see come from actual jobs done in Portland, everyone’s home will be a little different. Be sure to ask for written estimates when you schedule a consultation with a professional remodeler.

Cost of a Traditional Bathroom Addition

Cost: $45,000-$55,000

Resale Value: $34,000-$41,000

ROI: 75%

A midrange bathroom addition is one of the least expensive additions you can make to your home structure. Since most of the money goes toward expanding the actual structure (e.g. walls, wiring, new plumbing), you’ll find relatively basic elements in this layout. At this price range, you can expect a three-piece bathroom with a toilet, standard sink with vanity top, and tub-shower combination. At 6’ x 8’, it’s slightly larger than the average. This provides enough space for a linen closet. Budget-friendly ceramic tile completes the package.

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Cost of an Upscale Bathroom Addition

Cost: $85,000-$100,000

Resale Value: $57,000-$67,000

ROI: 67%

Since this project takes the typical 35 square-foot bathroom to 100 square-feet, you might think you’re getting a bargain on the price for an upscale bathroom addition. However, this project expands on the existing structure instead of creating it new. This type of addition is perfect for an unfinished basement or to streamline an outdated layout on the main floor.

Again, a lot of the costs for this project relate to expanding walls and adding plumbing or electric. For the added expense, you get a four-piece bathroom that includes the increasingly-popular flat-bottom freestanding soaker tub. A walk-in shower features ceramic tile on flooring and surround and multiple sprayers for a full-body shower experience. For this price, you’re getting custom cabinetry with a natural stone countertop (hint: marble is the hottest right now) and two sinks, so that you never have to share.

Cost of a Master Suite Addition

Cost: $140,000-$160,000

Resale Value: $95,000-$110,000

ROI: 68%

If you’re going to add a bathroom, why not make a master bedroom to go along with it? Older homes often don’t have master suites, or someone tried to retrofit one and it’s still super small and disappointing. If this sounds like your life, a master suite addition might be ideal.

Start with a space about 400 square feet for the bedroom, closet and bath. That might seem cramped, but it’s actually bigger than the average. For this moderate investment, you get a respectably-sized bedroom with a walk-in closet and four-piece bathroom. The bathroom is also spacious but not overly ostentatious, perfect for the person who needs to get ready for the day and go.

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Cost of an Upscale Master Suite Addition

Cost: $275,000-$325,000

Resale Value: $175,000-$205,000

ROI: 63%

If you’ve got the budget and a dream to make a bedroom you’ll never want to leave, the upscale master suite addition has your name on it. Start with 640 square feet of elegance. This isn’t a bedroom so much as it is a getaway from life’s cares. No more sitting uncomfortably in bed to watch TV or read when you’ve got a sizeable sitting area with built-in fireplace and bookshelves. There’s plenty of room to add an extra sink, fridge and microwave next to the bathroom. You know, for those midnight munchies after a late night at work.

Nothing is basic about the bathroom. Go for timeless travertine or trendy slate on walls and floor. The radiant heating is perfect for those chilly mornings. Take a dip in the soaker tub or relax in the spa-quality shower. Add a roomy walk-in closet for two and you’ve got everything you need.


Cost of an Outdoor Addition

Cost: $15,000-$25,000

Resale Value: $12,500-$21,000

ROI: 83%

For the most cost-effective way to add living space to your home, consider installing a deck in composite or wood. This durable surface gives you plenty of entertaining space in good weather without breaking the budget.

Complete data from the Remodeling 2020 Cost vs. Value Report can be downloaded free at www.costvsvalue.com. © 2020 Hanley Wood Media Inc.

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