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How Much Does a Home Addition Cost in Portland? [Updated April 2022]

Posted by Lane Cooper on Apr 25, 2022 11:45:00 AM

Feeling crowded in your small home? Dying to do something with that unfinished portion of your basement? The extra space and function offered by building an addition to your home might be the solution to your problem. Chances are, you’re already considering one. 

But there’s a lot to think about before you decide how to move forward. You need to figure out what you can afford and what you want. Plus, you probably have questions you want to have answered. You might be wondering “is it better to add on or build up?". Or, more generally, “how much are additions on a house?”  

At COOPER Design Build, we know how important it is for homeowners to be able to make informed decisions about what’s best for their finances, family, and home. That’s why we put out educational blogs like these; it’s part of the COOPER Design Build difference

But enough about us. Let’s take a look at Remodeling Magazine's 2021 Cost vs Value report. This report provides local cost estimates, resale value, and project descriptions for various improvements in Portland, Oregon. And if you’re wondering if it is worth adding to your home, the report also provides estimates for return on investment, which tells you how much of your initial investment you’ll get back in the form of added home value. 

Keep in mind these cost estimates can vary widely based on a variety of factors, including the condition and age of your home, the scale of your renovations, the quality of materials you select, and other individual preferences. We also recommend you read the report on your own. Then research other cost or home addition resources, such as a second story addition cost calculator, or check out this post on the first steps for planning a home addition

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Cost: $57,085

Resale Value: $36,666

ROI: 64.2%

When you have too many people using the same too-small bathroom, things get dirty, cluttered, and cramped fast. It can be a huge hindrance to your every day, causing back-ups in the mornings as family members jostle for a space at the sink. But an additional bathroom could fix that. 

A midrange bathroom addition, according to the report, gets you a 6-by-8 bathroom with poured concrete walls. Adding electrical wiring and plumbing, walls, as well as any other structural changes you choose to make will make up a decent portion of your total cost. The rest will come from the other elements of your addition, which include: a molded sink; a white fiberglass shower and tub with ceramic tile surround; a white low-profile toilet; a medicine cabinet with a mirror; and a linen closet or cabinet for storage. You’ll also get a new coat of paint, lighting, chrome faucets, and a ceramic tile floor. 


Cost: $103,058

Resale Value: $60,446

ROI: 58.7%

An upscale bathroom addition is about double the price of the midrange alternative, but you’ll get a lot more for your investment. This project gives you a 100-square-foot bathroom, so make sure you have the extra space to accommodate the addition. 

Everything is bigger and better in an upscale addition. On top of the extra bathroom square footage, you’ll get a luxurious freestanding soaker tub, a neo-angle shower with ceramic tile walls, a stone countertop with two sinks, two mirrored and lighted medicine cabinets, as well as a compartmentalized commode area with a one-piece toilet. Of course, no upscale bathroom would be complete without luxury faucets, an electric heated floor, cabinetry with a custom drawer base, wall cabinets, and other high-end details. 


Cost: $156,311

Resale Value: $95,955

ROI: 61.4%

Is a bathroom addition just not enough? Take it up a notch with a 24-by-16 primary suite addition. Here you’ll get a walk-in closet and bedroom as well as a bathroom. Like the upscale bathroom addition, your bathroom will have a freestanding soaker tub, ceramic tile shower, and double sink vanity. Tile flooring in the bathroom will transition to carpeting in the bedroom and the finishing touches on this project are trim, painted walls, and lighting.


Cost: $318,989

Resale Value: $172,981

ROI: 54.2%

The cost to add an upscale primary suite is about double the price of the midrange alternative. But if you’ve got the budget, it can be well worth it to get the bedroom suite of your dreams and 640 square feet of elegance. This isn’t so much a bathroom as it is an escape with zones for lounging, dressing, bathing, sleeping, and more. No more sitting uncomfortably in bed to watch TV or read; instead, you’ll have a sizable sitting area with built-in bookshelves and a fireplace with a custom mantel.

You’ll also get a walk-in closet and dressing area with natural light, mirrors, and linen storage. And nothing is basic about the bathroom. Stone lines the walls and floor of a walk-in shower with a custom frameless glass enclosure. A freestanding soaker tub stands nearby as well as two separate custom vanities with stone countertops and large mirrors. There’s a partitioned area for a luxury toilet and heated flooring to keep your feet warm. Just outside the bath, you’ll get a hospitality center with a sink, fridge, custom cabinetry, stone countertop, and microwave — because who doesn’t get late-night munchies every once in a while? 


These broad estimates are a good starting point, but the best way to get an understanding of what Portland home additions entail and cost is to speak to a builder near you. Plus, it’s never too early to start learning about the design-build process and reviewing services to find the best professional for your home addition.

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