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Pacific Northwest Design Influences for Your Portland Home

Posted by Lane Cooper on Aug 27, 2018 10:51:33 AM

Whether you’re building a new home in the Portland area or contemplating a remodel, it would be only natural to absorb the influences of your surroundings into your home’s design. In the Pacific Northwest, those influences include, perhaps most obviously, trees. The area’s culture also is affected by Native American and Asian influences and a connection to the natural environment that manifests itself in a desire to use resources wisely. So stained woodwork is a natural in Portland-area homes, as are windows arranged to connect the indoors to the natural beauty outside.

Willamette River Views

Whole Home Renovation in Portland Oregon


Exterior Renovation in Portland Oregon

In 2017, COOPER Design Builders won a Structure + Style Award for a major home remodel from Oregon Home magazine with this remake of a home on the bank of the Willamette River in the Portland suburb of Wilsonville.


Transitional Kitchen Renovation in Portland Oregon


The neo-traditional remodel made good use of windows and an open floor plan to connect the interior with the home’s beautiful surroundings.

Other Pacific Northwest Homes


Modern Kitchen Renovation in Portland Oregon


The shoji screens at the window in this modern Seattle kitchen diffuse the light and bring a distinct Asian feel to the room.

Whole Home Renovation in Portland Oregon


This gorgeous home combines abundant natural-wood beams, paneling, and cabinetry with views of the Pacific Ocean for an undeniable Pacific Northwest feel.


Rustic Home Office Renovation in Portland Oregon


Native American totem poles in the library of this Pacific Northwest home draw directly from the traditional culture of the area.


Modern Bathroom Renovation in Portland Oregon


This waterfront home in the Pacific Northwest leans heavily on minimalistic Japanese design, a common theme in West Coast design.

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