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What To Do if Your Portland Home Has Winter Storm Damage

Posted by Lane Cooper on Jan 16, 2024 4:24:12 PM


Portland Winter Storm 2024

Mother Nature made quite an impression this weekend and early this week as high winds along with snow and ice wreaked havoc on the Portland Metro Area. Hundreds of thousands lost power while drivers and transportation services tried to navigate downed trees and slick streets.

In the wake of the harsh winds and freezing temperatures, our hearts go out to those whose homes now bear the weight of burst pipes and smashed roofs. We understand that this has left many homeowners feeling not only scared but also confused about how to navigate this daunting situation. If your home has suffered major structural damage from flooding or the impact of falling trees, please know that we are here with open hearts and helping hands.

We acknowledge the overwhelming emotions that come with witnessing your home undergo such devastation. It's completely natural to feel scared and devastated during these trying times. Remember, you are not alone in this journey.

Your home is more than just walls and a roof; it's a repository of cherished memories and the backdrop to countless moments of joy. As we stand beside you through this emotional and physical reconstruction, remember that a brighter chapter awaits. Together, we can navigate this journey of healing and restoration, one step at a time. Hold onto hope, for your house may be broken, but it is not beyond repair.

Home with a tree in the side from a winter storm

What Should You Do Now?

  1. The first step is to make sure you are safe. If you’re able to do so, shut off the water at the street and turn off the gas at the meter. Do not reenter the home until it has been assessed for structural safety. If major support beams or framing have significant damage, the structure could be at risk of causing more destruction or collapsing.
  2. Contact your insurance company. Get them involved as soon as possible. Since companies and policies vary, it’s important to make sure you meet your company and policy’s requirements for reporting, tracking damage, etc. It’s also important to understand what is covered under your policy and your deductible requirements. Make sure you document phone calls and visits in case you need to reference conversations in the future.
  3. Contact a professional to assess the safety of the house and to begin the clean-up process. We can help you with this and we also have trade partners who can work with you. If you need assistance or a referral, send us an email and we will make sure to get you what you need. Remember, any exposed areas will need to be tarped off and broken windows or doors will need to be boarded up. Don’t forget to remove anything of value from the property. Taking photos and videos to document the damage is also a must.
  4. Once the home is secured and the damage has been cleaned up, the rebuilding process begins. Contact a contractor, like Cooper Design Build, as soon as you can. Major storms like this will create a backlog of projects. The sooner you begin working with a remodeler, the sooner you can rebuild your home and return to some sense of normalcy. An experienced design-build company can also guide you through the process and help you make design and construction decisions that meet your budget and timeline.

Home and car with winter storm damage

We Are Here To Help

In the face of adversity, we extend our heartfelt compassion to those who have weathered the storm both within and outside their homes. The journey of rebuilding after the harsh winter storm is undeniably challenging, evoking fear and confusion. As you navigate through the aftermath, remember that healing is not just about reconstructing walls; it's about mending the heart of your home. Embrace the support around you and take solace in the warmth of the community. While the road to recovery may seem daunting, the promise of a rejuvenated home, filled with new memories, awaits. With care, compassion, and unwavering hope, you can transform your house into a haven once more. 

We are here as your resource and partner for navigating the reconstruction process. Please reach out to us if you or your neighbors, family, friends, or colleagues find yourself needing to rebuild in this difficult time. 


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