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Smart Technologies to Add to Your Next High-End Portland Home Remodel

Posted by Lane Cooper on Nov 10, 2021 8:57:00 AM

It seems like everyone these days has a smart home. If you’re starting to feel left out, you should know that making a smart home isn’t as complicated as you might think. The latest systems integrate seamlessly so that you don’t have to spend all your time with tech support to figure it out. If you’re thinking about remodeling your home in Portland, OR and you wonder how smart technology might fit in, we’ve got a few ideas for you to consider.

7 Best Smart Technologies to Include in Your Next High-End Portland Home Remodel

Smart technology is fast becoming one of the essential features of a high-end home remodel. Here are seven to include in your home.

1. Smart Lighting Control

smart light system on white wall in living room - photo by aht.me

Turning lights on and off on command is a major feature of a smart home, but these days you can do so much more. Health experts say that the right kind of color temperature can help you stay more alert during the day and have an easier time getting to sleep at night. Smart light bulbs have the ability to change brightness and color temperature on-demand, and you can easily set them up to work with a smart hub.

2. Automated Window Treatments

If you hate having to open and close your blinds to suit the natural light, why not have a smart system do it for you? Automated window treatments can open based on light exposure or follow specific settings. While you’re at it, you might consider smart windows. This technology can tint your windows at the touch of a button or on a schedule.

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3. Self-Cleaning Tools

black and white robot vacuum cleaning on light brown hardwood floors - image by spruceup

Few people enjoy cleaning, so smart self-cleaning tools are high on the list of demands for a smart home. You may be familiar with robot vacuums, but adding them to your Wi-Fi gives you an even better function. You might want to consider a robot mop, for the surfaces that need a little extra care. A toilet that really cleans itself well is a must-have.

4. Smart HVAC

Keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient starts with smart HVAC. Smart thermostats have been available for years, but you might be surprised by how enjoyable they can be with the right system. These thermostats connect to your Wi-Fi and more importantly, to any smart hub you have. With this technology, you can create settings on the fly, set the temperature to change when you leave or arrive home, and monitor your energy usage in real-time.

5. Advanced Security

gold Apple iPhone smartphone held at the door

Smart home technology was originally created for security, and you can see how much has changed since then. Smart doorbells monitor your porch and provide instant feedback about visitors. You can customize and integrate your security system with your outdoor lighting so that the activation of an outdoor light triggers an immediate alert for your review. You’ll sleep better knowing that your home is under your control.

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6. Voice Activation

The ability to control smart features with your voice adds a level of convenience that most people expect from smart homes. Voice activation usually requires the use of a smart hub, and you can choose several options from popular brands like Amazon, Apple, and Google. Depending on the tool, you may be able to customize the actions so that the device knows just what to do when you speak a command.

7. Touchless Features

Keeping your hands free and clear is a convenience, but the added sanitation benefits of touchless features are definitely a necessity. Manufacturers of different kinds of smart devices are adding touchless technology, so it’s a good idea to check to see what is new. You’ll love the ability to flush a toilet or activate a sink with a wave of your hand.

What Are the Features of a Smart House?

There are many popular features of a smart house, including:

  • Voice activation
  • Security
  • Integrated sound
  • Lighting control
  • HVAC
  • Remote access and operation

Beyond that, the sky is the limit. Although homeowners can pick and choose which devices they want to add to the system, a smart house usually integrates most or all of them under a smart hub.

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What Are the Best Smart Home Products?

It’s hard to make a list of smart home products to buy because the industry is expanding so quickly that any list becomes outdated within months. The best smart home products have the capacity to grow with you and integrate into a popular smart hub. It’s wise to look for products that have gone through a couple of upgrades, so you can rest assured that the manufacturers have worked out any serious problems. Be sure to read reviews of the latest products, so that you get a sense of how each model will work for you.

What Are the Best Smart Home Devices?

Before you make a choice in smart home devices, it’s important to think about the way that you want to use your home. The main features, like lighting, security, and sound, are great to have for almost any household. But you’re not limited to these features, as there are smart devices designed to make any activity in your home work a little better. For example, if you love to bake, a smart device that lets you know when your oven is done preheating is a great convenience.

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