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The Dos and Don’ts of Remodeling in NE Portland

Posted by Lane Cooper on Dec 20, 2017 9:48:00 AM

NE Portland is home to some of our favorite neighborhoods. We've helped homeowners reimagine and redesign their homes in several of Portland's unique Northeast Neighborhoods. Our team has remodeled entire homes in Alameda, focusing on preserving the character of the Craftsman. We've worked on gourmet kitchens in Grant Park, reimaging the classic Tudor design to fit a modern family. 

Working in NE Portland's diverse neighborhoods is something we value here at COOPER Design Builders. From charming foursquares in Laurelhurst to historic homes in Irvington, NE Portland is not just a quadrant on the map, its where we live, eat, work, and play! Which is why we've compiled this list of do's and don'ts for remodeling in Northeast Portland to assist homeowners in starting smart planning and making sage decisions.

Here are 6 do's (and don'ts) that you should consider before you start remodeling your home in Portland's NE neighborhood.


1. Do use a licensed professional.

The state of Oregon requires contractors to be licensed, and, likewise, the city of Portland requires businesses to be licensed. Be sure to check on your prospective contractor’s credentials.

Don’t proceed without the proper permits. Your contractor or design-build professional will be familiar with what is required in Portland.


2. Do keep in mind that you will have to deal with Portland's rainy weather.

Building during wet weather is possible, but you should expect weather delays, and your contractor should be able to tell you how they will keep the moisture at bay.

Don’t proceed without a design. Even on smaller projects, you’ll need to get everything down on paper. A design-build company such as COOPER Design Builders can work with you from the beginning to translate your remodeling dreams into a practical plan.


3. Do be realistic.

Be realistic about your home and whether it’s worth it to pour money and trouble into a building that might not be in the condition or location to justify a major remodeling project.

Don’t choose a contractor based on price alone. There’s usually a reason that a company charges more, such as quality of materials and subcontractors used, experience in the industry, high-caliber customer service, and talented staff. Do some research beyond comparing prices.


4. Do sign a contract.

It should include a description and every detail of the work and materials, the job’s start and completion dates, the total cost, how change orders will be handled, a payment schedule, the contractor’s license number and insurance details, and who will handle the building permits. Consult a legal website or an attorney to make sure the document covers all the bases.

Don’t let the dust, mud, and disarray of a remodeling project discourage you. Decide to accept some of those inconveniences as part of the process, but also plan ahead to diminish them as much as possible.


5. Do consider getting away.

Especially during the worst part of the project, think about taking a vacation to escape from the mess. Make sure, though, that you can stay in touch with your contractor for any questions that arise while you’re gone.

Don’t let your children and pets get in the way. This sounds obvious, for safety reasons, but such distractions also will slow down your contractor. Make provisions ahead of time to keep kids and animals out of the construction site, even though that job site is their home.


6. Do clean out your garage.

Clean out your garage or another available area so your contractor’s crew will have a place to store tools and materials. The convenience for the workers could make the job go faster.

Don’t leave out valuables. Breakable or valuable items should be stored in a secure place.


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