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Design Debate: Trendy vs Traditional Design for Portland Home Remodels

Home design is something that is always evolving. Styles change, trends come and go, and therefore many homeowners are excited about trying something new. When it comes time for your home remodel in Portland trying out something on trend can be rewarding when designed thoughtfully by integrating it with the original architectural style and era of the home.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

For a long time, we were trapped into thinking everything in the kitchen or bath (or throughout the entire house, for that matter) must match. That’s just not so these days. Keeping the upper cabinets white or neutral, while accenting below with various wood tones or darker, deeper colors can allow you to take your kitchen or bath in two different style directions. Additionally, brass and gold are coming back into the forefront in terms of cabinet hardware and lighting. It’s now “okay” to have a touch of gold against your stainless-steel appliances in the kitchen. Why not go for the gold?

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Design Debate Extra Large Tile-157900-edited.jpgEXTRA Large Tile

While hardwood floors and subway tile are still ever popular, really large format tiling is also making its way into house remodels these days. We’re talking BIG tile – pieces up to three and six feet! These tiles are being used for flooring, shower and bath finishes, and even for fireplace surrounds.

Colored Appliances

Speaking of stainless steel, while the finish remains the leader in appliance choice, brightly colored appliances in the kitchen, bringing a bit of boldness to the overall house theme, are also on the rise. Brilliant red, deep blue, or even retro turquoise tones are showing up in kitchens all over the country.

Formal Dining RoomsFormal Dining Room - Portland Remodel-744213-edited-288908-edited.jpg

Surprise, these old-school and what were considered “outdated” and unnecessary spaces a few years ago are now making a comeback. For folks who love to entertain, a specific area off the kitchen designated for just that, can be extremely important. The old saying that everything comes back around at least once must be true.

Tech-Free Living Spaces

Believe it or not, many families are opting to remodel and redesign “OUT” of technology. Homeowners and families are recognizing the need for down-time, fostered relationships, and talking vs. the constant distraction of giant TV screens and technology. Thus, we are seeing many remodels to include family living spaces void of what we would normally see in the “family room.” This may be a trend worth keeping.

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