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8 Home Design Trends for 2020

Posted by Lane Cooper on Dec 30, 2019 9:29:00 AM

This time of year, homeowners who are thinking about remodeling are often curious about which new trends will be emerging for the new year. Generally, there are more trends than any normal person can keep up with. It’s helpful to keep things in perspective. There is a significant difference between a fad and a true trend. Fads come and go fairly quickly—and following them too closely can leave you with a home that quickly looks dated.

Trends, on the other hand, focus more on design changes that come about as a result of lifestyle changes. They develop a bit more slowly—and usually stick around longer because they are all about comfort and convenience in your home. True trends aren't necessarily the newest innovations in the building or remodeling industry. They are, however, changes (evolutions, if you will) to features homeowners consider important.  With that in mind, let’s look at 8 home design trends for 2020.

1. Smart Homes and Automation

The concept of smart homes has been around for some years. However, it has evolved from being something homeowners have experimented with (because it was fun, edgy, and new) to a feature that actually makes life more comfortable and convenient. We’ll continue to see improvements in smart devices ranging from thermostats to lighting systems, home security, and interactive appliances.  

2. Indoor/Outdoor Blurring

A trend that keeps growing is blurring the lines between the interior of the home and its exterior. It’s particularly popular for homeowners who have great views and want to bring those views—and lots of natural light— into their homes. The photo you see here from the exterior of the home is an example of how great design enables homeowners to enjoy outdoor living throughout the year (with a roofed deck). Click here for additional photos (including inside views looking out) of this beautiful Lake Oswego home we recently remodeled. You'll get a sense of how the lines between indoor and outdoor living are blurred through the use of folding panel doors.

Home Design Trends for 2020

3. Quiet Homes

Our world has become increasingly noisy. Because our homes are sanctuaries, there is an increased desire to keep unwanted noise out. Look for advances in architecture and design that will employ new materials and applications to minimize unwanted outside noise and to keep noise levels within the house at lower levels.

4. Natural Light 

The emphasis on natural light is also a reason that white (as an interior color) remains a trend. Because it reflects light so well, white (whether in cabinetry, furniture, on walls, or floors) remains a popular color for homeowners who want to emphasize natural light. And because it is neutral, it lends itself to use with bolder accent colors.

Design Trends for 2020
5. Industrial Style Has Staying Power

Some people thought that Industrial style was more or less a passing fad. And while it’s not to everyone’s taste, it’s established itself as a trend with legs. It doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. One reason for that opinion may be due to the fact that it’s a fairly broad range of style. It’s not just dark, distressed wood and exposed ventilation ducts. As the photo here hints, it can be quite bright and warm—with a little bit of an edge. Another reason Industrial style may be so popular is that it ties in with our next trend so well—reusing existing materials.

6. Sustainability 

There is an increased desire to reuse existing materials in the remodeling of homes. Not only does it keep building materials out of landfills, but it lends a certain warmth and connection to other times to a home remodel, whether it involves reusing reclaimed wood in the kitchen, or incorporating an old cabinet into a guest bathroom. It has a certain emotional appeal because it makes homeowners feel good about making an environmentally friendly decision that also has strong visual appeal.

7. Color

Trends in color vary year by year. It’s also interesting to note that there is a fair amount of variety among major paint manufacturers when it comes to naming their particular brand’s color of the year. Here’s a Better Homes & Gardens summary of what the major paint companies (Benjamin Moore, Valspar, Sherwin-Williams, HGTV Home, Behr, and PPG) are putting forward as their choices for 2020.

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