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Portland Home Remodeling: Expectations vs. Reality

Posted by Lane Cooper on Dec 6, 2023 2:34:32 PM

Embarking on a home remodeling project is often filled with excitement, fueled by the glossy showcases on popular television channels like HGTV and the Magnolia Network. From dreamy transformations to seemingly effortless renovations, these shows paint a picture of home remodeling that appears almost magical. However, as many homeowners quickly discover, the journey from expectations to realities can be surprising. In the realm of home remodeling, what you see on the screen isn't always a true reflection of what unfolds in the real world. In this blog, we'll delve into the unfiltered truths of home renovations, unveiling the disparities between the polished portrayals on TV and the often gritty, yet rewarding experiences faced by families pursuing their dream homes.



Remodeling Misconception # 1 - Remodels Happen Quickly

The time-lapse of television is a great thing; unfortunately, projects in real life take months to complete. While you may be enticed to rush through the planning stages so you can get started on construction, taking your time while designing your remodeling and selecting your materials will save you time AND money in the long run.

In general, we estimate that the initial design phase will take 6-8 weeks. This stage is where your ideas are put on paper and design plans are created. Once the design is complete, you move on to selecting your materials, flooring, fixtures, etc. in the pre-construction phase. This takes approximately 8-12 weeks. As you’re making your selections, our team is also working on permits and ordering materials to help avoid delays on the project.

You can expect the construction process to take anywhere from 4 months to over a year, depending on the complexity of your project. While kitchens and en suites typically take 3-4 months, full floor remodels, additions, and whole home projects take 5-9+ months.

One phase of projects that often is overlooked is the warranty. We offer a one-year warranty starting at the completion of construction. This ensures your new fixtures, appliances, and materials perform the way they should. With regularly scheduled touchpoints, we proactively check to make sure your excitement continues long after you move in.  We are also always here as a trusted resource when you have questions about your home, or when you’re ready for another home update.

Remodeling Misconception # 2- Materials are always available when you are ready to remodel.

While the long supply chain delays caused by the pandemic have corrected, there is still a normal delay in turnaround times. Big Box stores might have items in stock, but the quality may be less than what you’d like. Designers are great about finding manufacturers with faster production times, so trust their opinions about which companies to work with.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you might love an item on a website or in a catalog, but when you see it in person, in the lighting and scale of your room, it might not be exactly what you expected. When possible, it’s worth the extra time to order samples and see how they look in your space. It can save you from headaches down the road or having to accept elements you don’t absolutely love.


Modern Farmhouse Home Remodel in Portland

Remodeling Misconception # 3- You will immediately recoup your investment and increase the value of your home.

If you’ve ever watched the show Love It or List It, you’ve seen the climax at the end where the host reveals the new value of the home to the owners. Of course, there is always a substantial increase in the value and the homeowners are thrilled to turn a profit so quickly.  In the world of home remodeling, it's easy to get caught up in the allure of potential returns on investment, with visions of skyrocketing property values dancing in our heads. However, perhaps the most invaluable return lies in the creation of a home that truly resonates with your heart and caters to the unique needs of your family. If you do undergo a remodel with the goal of seeing dollar signs at the end, you may be disappointed. Industry averages say it takes 5-7 years to recoup the investment made in a remodel.

Remodeling Misconception # 4 - You will hate the remodeling process

Home remodeling is not just about hammers and nails; it's an opportunity to infuse your living space with creativity, personality, and a dash of excitement. Too often, the prospect of a remodel is met with stress and apprehension, but we like to reframe that narrative. While there are some inconveniences with remodeling (moving out of your home for one), the process can actually be positive, and dare we say fun! By hiring professionals with a proven track record, you can relax and trust that they will be your guides through the process. Looking at beautiful designs and decor should be fun, and with the help of our talented designers, you’ll be able to create a space that works for the way you live and offers years of enjoyment.

In the realm of home remodeling, the glossy veneer presented on TV often conceals the intricacies and challenges inherent in the actual process. As we draw the curtain on this exploration of the disparities between televised expectations and the reality of home renovations, embracing the authenticity of the remodeling process, with all its complexities and imperfections, is key to a successful and gratifying experience. If you’re ready to begin designing your dream space give us a call at 503-282-0545, or complete our Schedule a Consultation form.


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