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Bring Your Home Remodel to Life with These 6 Apps

Posted by Lane Cooper on May 11, 2020 9:21:00 AM

The final reveal on your home remodeling project is always a treat. But there’s no replacement for being able to get a sense for it before it’s time to live it. That is what 3D rendering and augmented reality were designed to do: show you exactly what your home will look like once the project is complete. With these six apps, you can test out options and refine your dream design.

1. RoomScan Pro

In order to figure out where you should go, you should begin with what you have. If you’re tired of taking out a tape measure and a pad of paper to draw a 2D layout, RoomScan Pro will save you tons of time. Just literally use your phone to get the measurements by touching it to the wall. In much less time, you’ll have all the measurements you need. You can view the results in 2D or 3D. This app is also ideal for homeowners who are thinking of buying a home that they’ll want to remodel.


2. Home Design 3D

When you’re ready to scrap your existing layout and build something that works better, Home Design 3D might be an excellent choice. With this app, you have supreme flexibility. Draw walls to specification, with the ability to see it as a floor plan or 3D rendering. Add finishing touches like paint color, furniture and flooring. You can even turn the design into a 360-degree tour, so you get a sense for what it feels like to really live there.


3. Planner 5D

Tired of looking for an app, only to realize that it doesn’t work on your platform? Planner 5D is an app for everyone. With free options on virtually any platform, this app allows you to build up your expectations–and your skills. Don’t assume that it will be basic just because it doesn’t cost a fortune, though. With this app, you can design in 2D or 3D, furnish the space and even generate photographs that look real. That way, you can ensure that the curb appeal meets your goals.

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4. Houzz

Not sure what you want in a home remodel? Need some inspiration? The Houzz mobile app has it in spades. You’ll find millions of images of designs in real homes, in a presentation that is easy to save, organize and share. Use the augmented reality features to test out furniture and fixtures in your own space, to get a sense for whether or not it really works. The regular site is also easy to use, which means you can quickly move back and forth from computer to mobile.


5. Sweet Home 3D

If you’re frustrated by the number of apps on your phone, or you’re simply annoyed by “free apps” that add up the charges for every little upgrade, Sweet Home 3D is a classic choice. This application is an open-source free software program that allows you to design a 3D layout and furnish it. It’s not as slick as some of the more updated options, but you’ll take comfort in the ability to test out a design before you hire a pro like COOPER Design Build.


6. Homestyler

For many homeowners, the final design is the one that counts the most. Once you’ve got the floor plan in place, you’ll need an app to help you furnish it. Homestyler makes this part of the process easy and fun. Take a picture of a room, then search through thousands of options to deck it out. You can even share your design with others to get feedback.

When you’re first thinking about a remodeling project and you’re still daydreaming of layouts, there are tons of apps that can help. Take a little time to browse and experiment, and you’ll be ready to take the plunge on your project.

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