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Starting a Remodel with COOPER Design Build: Our Clients’ Most Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Lane Cooper on Nov 9, 2023 9:21:00 AM

Embarking on a home remodeling journey is as thrilling as it is intricate. With visions of pristine countertops, bespoke cabinets, and rejuvenated spaces dancing in your head, the questions naturally flow. How long will it take? What will it cost? Who will guide me through this transformative journey? At COOPER Design Build, we recognize the weight of these questions and the importance of clear answers. As we navigate through the bustling world of home remodeling in Portland and its myriad possibilities, we've compiled a list of our clients' most frequently asked questions. This guide aims to offer clarity, demystify the process, and set the stage for a remodeling experience as seamless as the designs we bring to life.Whole Home Remodel | COOPER Design Build

Budgeting and Costs

How much will my Portland home remodel cost? 

Each remodeling endeavor is as unique as the home itself, and its cost can vary based on numerous factors. At COOPER Design Build, we streamline this process for you. Our initial step is the feasibility study. In this phase, our dedicated design team works closely with you to capture your vision, laying down preliminary design selections. This tailored approach allows us to provide a set of plans that resonate with your dream, paired with a specific budget based on your selections. It's a transparent and efficient process, helping you make informed choices about your project and budget. For a broader perspective on potential costs, we also offer a comprehensive cost guide, which provides a range of typical costs associated with various projects, whether you're looking at a kitchen remodel or exploring the cost of basement remodeling in Portland.

Are there any unexpected costs during construction? 

Embarking on a remodel, be it a kitchen remodel in Portland, an addition in Lake Oswego, or any other type of project, brings questions regarding hidden costs. At COOPER Design Build, our rigorous design process is structured to give clients a fixed-price construction agreement. This clarity means that additional costs only arise if you decide to make design changes or if we encounter unforeseen conditions, such as dry rot, that weren't visible before construction began. It's always our priority to maintain transparency in budgeting, and with our extensive experience as home remodelers in the Portland area, we've honed our skills in accurate project estimation.

kitchen remodel | COOPER Design Build

Timeframes and Scheduling

How long will my remodel take? 

The duration of each project can vary based on its complexity and scope. Completing our feasibility study will give you a clearer picture of the expected timeline tailored to your project. For some perspective, after design, kitchen and primary suite remodels typically span 3 to 4 months in construction. If you're considering expanding your living space with an addition, such projects average between 5-7 months to build.

What are your hours of construction? 

We respect your space and your time. Typically, our construction crew works from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, when clients choose not to live in the home during the remodel, we can potentially expand these hours, ensuring that the project progresses swiftly and efficiently, minimizing disruptions to your daily life.

kitchen island | COOPER Design Build

Communication and Accessibility

Who will I be working with during my project? Will I be assigned to a person? 

Choosing COOPER Design Build for your home remodeling in Portland means you're opting for a seamless and personalized experience. Our design-build process ensures you have a dedicated team guiding you from conception to completion. During the design phase, you'll primarily be in touch with your designer, who will assist in crystallizing your vision. As we transition into the construction phase, your project manager will become the team leader, ensuring every detail is executed perfectly. The beauty of our approach is the integrated teamwork: both design and construction professionals work together closely, ensuring there's no loss in translation. This means your vision is brought to life with precision and passion.

How will we communicate throughout the construction process? 

At COOPER Design Build, we believe that clear and consistent communication is the foundation of a successful remodeling experience. From our initial conversations in the sales and design process, we prioritize understanding and addressing your needs. With 30+ years of home remodeling experience in Portland and beyond, we've honed a proven process that emphasizes regular and clear communication. Our step-by-step creative process is designed to keep the project moving forward. For instance, selecting appliances will guide the subsequent design of cabinets, which, in turn, influences countertop and hardware choices. Depending on your preferences and lifestyle, our meetings can be face-to-face at your home, in our office, or even via Zoom/video calls. Whether you're more comfortable with calls, texts, or emails, we adapt our communication style to suit your needs. Our commitment is highlighted in our weekly meetings, where we discuss the progress, upcoming steps, budget, and timeline. This rhythm of communication ensures you're always in the loop and satisfied with the project's direction.

living room area | COOPER Design Build

Security and Professionalism

Will workers go to the street to smoke? 

Your comfort and satisfaction extend beyond just the remodel itself. COOPER Design Build has a firm policy that no smoking is allowed on a client’s property. This policy is rooted in our respect for your space and our commitment to maintaining a professional environment. Workers, if they choose to smoke, will do so off the property, ensuring your home remains as you left it.

Do you need a key? 

For us to efficiently carry out the remodeling tasks, access to your home is essential. To ensure security and ease of access, we use a lockbox system. This method ensures that only authorized personnel can enter your home and allows work to progress smoothly without inconveniencing you for access.

home remodel | COOPER Design Build

Setting Clear Expectations

Is it okay for us (clients) to come by on the weekend? 

While we understand the eagerness to see the progress on your dream space, we require that visits be scheduled for your safety and the productivity of our tradespeople. An unplanned visit can pose safety risks, especially if the area is currently a work in progress. Prearranged meetings ensure that we can walk you through safely, addressing any of your questions while giving you an insightful view of the progress.

How do I prepare for a home remodeling project? 

Before the actual construction begins, there are some preparatory steps homeowners can take to ensure a smooth remodeling journey. First, it's crucial to clear the area designated for remodeling. Vibrations from construction work can dislodge wall hangings, so consider removing pictures, especially from walls adjacent to or backing the remodel area. Valuables and delicate items should be safely stored away to prevent any accidental damage. By giving these preparatory steps attention, you're ensuring a smoother transition into the remodeling phase.

home remodel | COOPER Design Build

COOPER Design Build Creates a Seamless and Stunning Portland Home Remodel

When you’re investing in something as personal as your home, expertise is invaluable. Whether you're pondering a basement remodeling in Portland or exploring the intricacies of a full-scale home transformation, understanding the process can make a significant difference. At COOPER Design Build, we're committed to ensuring every question is answered, every concern is addressed, and every dream is realized. As one of the leading residential remodelers in Portland, our mission is to blend the beauty of design with the precision of construction, creating spaces that echo your aspirations and resonate with your lifestyle. Ready to get started? Connect with us today to schedule a consultation!

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