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4 Reasons to Remodel Your Outdoor Living Space

Posted by Lane Cooper on Jun 9, 2022 1:00:00 PM

Outdoor living space is a luxury. It invites you to slow down, disconnect from the daily hustle, and tune into what matters — plus it adds to the size and value of your home. Many homeowners have already taken the first step and invested in an outdoor living space addition for these reasons. But what comes after that? 

4 Reasons to Remodel Your Outdoor Living Space

A deck or patio doesn’t last forever, especially in Portland. You have to make upgrades or improvements to your outdoor living area for maintenance. Otherwise, it becomes overrun with cracks, weeds, peeling paint, and more. Often, it’s prudent to completely remodel an outdoor living space; that way you can tend to any foundational issues while sprucing up the cosmetics. At the same time, you can also add new features like a built-in fireplace, grilling station, or bar. 

Know your outdoor living area needs maintenance but having a hard time justifying the work? Here are four reasons to remodel from COOPER Design Build to make your decision a little easier. 


1. Expand & improve Living Space 

The most obvious benefit of outdoor living rooms is more space. Having a second outdoor living area allows you and your household to engage in a wide variety of activities together. You can roast marshmallows, soak up the sunshine, breathe in the fresh air, and do any other number of activities you simply can’t do indoors. However, if your outdoor living area has gotten old and rundown, this valuable space is likely being used less and less. Your investment is wasting away. 

But a remodel can fix that. A remodel gives you the opportunity to do repair or maintenance work, like a decking renovation, while also allowing you to improve your space. One improvement that really pays off is adding a roof if you don’t have one already. A roof can be beneficial for all types of outdoor living areas. That’s particularly true for deck and patio outdoor living spaces, which often don’t come with one. Homeowners with detached outdoor living spaces might consider a covered walkway between the house and outdoor space. 

We also recommend adding amenities that make members of your household more likely to utilize outdoor space. Culinary enthusiasts should invest in an outdoor kitchen or grilling station, while those who love to entertain can install a t.v., bar, and comfortable furniture. 


2. Create a Better Lifestyle

As illustrated above, remodeling allows you to create a space specialized for your interests and lifestyle. Don’t let this opportunity pass by! Think about the activities and hobbies your household enjoys. Then talk to a builder who can help you figure out how to remodel a backyard into the perfect outdoor space. You can incorporate a play area for the kids, a yoga zone, a workout area, a reading nook, and anything else you can imagine! 

Creating this space encourages you to engage in your favorite activities — whether you want to relax or get rowdy. Either way, having an area in your home solely dedicated to enjoyment is a good thing. It's like taking a mini-vacation every time you step outside. 

Outdoor living space also vastly improves your entertaining capabilities, especially if you include a cooking and dining area. Adults can relax around the fireplace while keeping an eye on the kids running about in the yard. And you can easily set up a game of volleyball in the yard or prepare snacks nearby. 


3. It’s Good For Your Health

It’s a proven fact: spending time outside is good for your health. Being outside means you’re more likely to engage in physical activity; it’s also known to lower your risk for a myriad of diseases, such as diabetes, as well as lower your blood pressure and heart rate. Connecting to nature can even help your mental health by reducing stress and tangibly boosting your mood. 


4. Bolster Home Value 

Exterior upgrades do a lot to increase your home value. In fact, they often yield a much higher return on investment than interior remodeling projects. Curb appeal is immensely important to homebuyers because the outside of your home is a representation of who you are — so don’t neglect yours! 

You can start small with exterior improvements like remodeling landscaping and hardscaping. We come across a lot of homeowners who wonder, “Does something as minor as landscaping maintenance really make a difference?” Or, “ Does hardscaping add value to a home?” The answer is definitely yes. These small improvements don’t require too much work and often offer a high return. 

Your exterior shouldn’t just be beautiful, though. It should be functional and livable too. Doesn’t it seem like a bit of waste if there isn’t a place to sit and admire the beautiful landscaping? A remodeled outdoor living area helps you get the most out of your yard and home. You can also consider pairing your outdoor area with other backyard features that add value like a pool or fit pit. 


Get Inspired: Outdoor Living Areas in Portland

Still on the fence about whether to invest in a custom outdoor living space? Check out these Pacific northwest outdoor living spaces by COOPER Design Build for a push over the edge. And if you like what you see, we might just be the right fit for your outdoor remodel.

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