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Why Should I Choose COOPER Design Build as My Portland Home Remodeler?

Posted by Lane Cooper on Apr 7, 2023 9:55:00 AM

When your living space is too cramped, and you’re craving an addition or sick of battling with a kitchen layout you hate or an impossibly dated bathroom, you’re in the market for a home remodel. Home renovations require special care as you tie dream spaces to an existing home. Respecting a home’s heritage and providing continuity to the space requires expertise and careful planning. How do you know when you’ve found the right professional? 

You have plenty of options for remodeling contractors in the Portland, Oregon area, but they aren’t all the same. Some remodeling contractors offer construction services only. This means they work off of plans another agency created, leaving the homeowner to translate the plans and vision to the builder. Design-Build remodeling companies partner with designers and builders in one company, so take a project in-house from start to finish.

Why Should I Choose COOPER Design Build as My Portland Home Remodeler

COOPER Design Build of Portland, Oregon offers premier design-build services. We firmly believe that our methods and processes create superior results needed for luxury remodels, large additions, and historic renovations. We’d love to talk to you about what we can do to keep you happy in your Portland home.

Benefits of Design-Build

We’re a design-build remodeling contractor for a reason. Our experience has confirmed that this is the best method for residential remodeling. Here are some of the biggest design-build advantages

Seamless Collaboration and Project Management

Design-build remodels take place when designers partner with construction professionals under the same roof so that you make one phone call to connect with the folks who will plan your remodel and then make it real. That means you won’t be relaying information from one company to another or troubleshooting as the middleman. All of this communication happens in-house.

All-Star Team

When designers and builders work together, you benefit from an experienced team who is used to communicating about their work and understands how to play to each others’ strengths. Your designer knows what your builder is good at, and your builder has already helped your designer understand how to price their plan and guide your selections within your budget. When your remodeling team can hit the ground running instead of getting to know each other first, they’re producing quality plans and results faster.

Efficient Timeline

All of the in-house expertise and established processes culminate in an efficient remodeling experience. Design-build projects are more likely to finish on time and within budget than their design-bid-build counterparts.

Cons of Design-Build Remodels

We wouldn’t omit the downsides just because we think the advantages of a design-build remodel far outweigh them. Here are some cons of design-build remodels.

Your Team is Preset

You can’t select your designer and builder separately if you commit to a design-build remodeling company.  You must hire the entire team. If you want to work with an independent specific designer or builder, you won’t be able to work with a design-build remodeler. 

Fewer New Options 

Sometimes design-build teams establish common aesthetics and features that repeat throughout their projects. This isn’t always a bad thing! It’s great to get really good at a few specialties. New partnerships often introduce new concepts to each designer and builder with each shared project. However, working with clients with unique visions can challenge any design-build team to try something new to make a remodeling dream come true.


Why Should I Work With COOPER Design-Build for my Portland Remodeling Project?

Our Expertise and Experience

We've proudly served our Portland neighbors for more than 30 years. Not only have we put the hours into becoming expert remodeling contractors, but we’ve also dedicated lots of time and energy to ensuring that the wealth of knowledge we’ve collected about residential remodeling in Portland, Oregon can help everyone interested in remodeling in our area. We love informed clients! Head here to check out our complimentary resources.

COOPER Design Build's Time-Tested Process

We’ve honed our design-build remodeling process over the years so that many of our rookie mistakes were addressed years ago. Our clearly-articulated process helps you know what to expect and when and keeps you connected to your build at every step in your remodeling journey.

Our Happy Customers

Testimonials are a powerful way to put yourself in our clients’ shoes. Need a remodeler who treats your historic home with extra TLC? Looking to create serious square footage? Hear what our happy clients have to say about how COOPER Design Build took special care with the unique challenges and opportunities in their most personal spaces.

Our Stunning Gallery

Custom cabinets, beautiful additions, modern kitchens, bespoke fire features, and more. View our remodeling gallery for further proof of COOPER Design Build's chops. We always say a picture is worth 1,000 words. This blog isn’t even that long.  

Your Gut Feeling

You need a trusted professional for your Portland remodel. Only you know when you’ve found the right fit. We’d love to meet you, discuss your proposed project and demonstrate the difference COOPER Design Build represents in person. You’ll feel it when you meet us. We can’t wait to dream together! 

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